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Oct 01, 2021

Finding your businesses’ purpose and turbo-boosting e-commerce with Andy Homan, Process Creative

What, when, who, where, and how. These are all very important questions to ask about your business. But have you stopped to ask why?

So many businesses start and lead with all the technical specs of their business, product or service. But maybe you should think more about why your business exists and the problems it will solve for your customer.

How do you do that exactly? Find that out and more on this episode of Forward Thinking.

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Sep 16, 2021

How to use your age as an advantage for your business with Vanessa and Ho Jun from Yellowbox

Imagine coming straight out of University and having an idea for an app.
Imagine all of the anxiety and struggles you would face and problems you would need to overcome with lack of experience. But also imagine the unique sense of confidence because the younger you are, the less you have to lose.

Find out how a successful smart locker app company  unlocked the minds of young entrepreneurs and more in this episode of… FORWARD THINKING.

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Sep 09, 2021

Create a successful work culture with Ross Reekie from Rise Consulting

Your day to day is most likely a lot of work. Because that’s what we as SME’s do. As a small to medium business maybe you should question the work you do and ask if it’s bringing you happiness and meaning. 

Finding happiness and meaning… How do you get that and how does that tie into creating a successful work culture?

Find the answer to that on this episode of… FORWARD THINKING

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Sep 02, 2021

How to get obsessive with performance marketing with Karim Mouahbi from Mad Paws

We all hear about the importance of SEO… SEM… and even SMO….  which… is a thing. And. I just found out it stands for Social Media optimisation.

But why are all these acronyms so important in marketing? And how do you get to the level of expertise and almost obsession about all these key performance marketing indicators? 

Find that out and more in this episode of Forward Thinking.

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Aug 06, 2021

How far can discomfort take you with Mark Mathews

Most people know that comfort zones are some of the worst traps. But how exactly do you get out of that trap, face fear head one and find new opportunities? Find out that answer and more in this episode of Forward Thinking.

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Jul 31, 2021

How Metigy and Elon Musk are disrupting the future of their industries

How can you solve complex problems for your customers? If you like stories that combine space, business marketing and the future then this is for you!

Our audio content manager, Daren Lake decided to create audio candy for your ears. This episode is meant to be consumed with headphones on and will take you on a journey spanning from 200,000 years ago to the present.

All in the hopes of having you better understand Metigy, SMEs, marketing and the potential for your own business’ future.

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Jul 02, 2021

Dear Metigy: How do I promote my podcast for free?

Dear Metigy,

I’ve created my podcast for my brand but now I’m stuck and I don’t know how to promote it or what I should be doing to make sure my ideal listeners find it. Can you help me with the next steps so the work I’ve created so far doesn’t go to waste? My budget is pretty small so ideally, I would like to promote my podcast for free?

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May 06, 2020

Ep16: Your network is your net worth – Become a LinkedIn Marketing Master with Sam Mutimer from Thinktank Social

“Your network is your net worth.”

I’ve been thinking of this quote a lot since recording this episode with my special guest Sam Mutimer, who is the founder of one of the first social media agencies; Thinktank Social.

Through breaking her leg in 2008 playing rugby, Sam became aware of the true power of social media and how it plays a role in branding and business as a whole.

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