Smart Automation that Reports Back to you With Actionable Ideas Relevant to Your Business

Reach more people with real-time marketing analytics and really get to know your audience!  Our social analytics reports get you to the heart of your data simply. Then our insights and recommendations drive your objectives.

Create a Stronger Connection with Your Audience

Learn what content your audience interacts with to help you create more engaging stories. Beat the competition with actionable ideas and recommendations that position you as a thought leader.

Data Insights and Recommendations

Metigy’s AI processes your analytics to give you targeted actions that are unique to your profile, competitors and audience. Stop wasting time creating masses of content and do marketing smarter.

Custom Social Analytics Dashboard

Access all your social analytics in one place instead of struggling with excel spreadsheets. Customize your dashboard to show metrics that match your objectives and personal preferences.

Track Competitors

Automatically track and analyse your competitors’ campaigns, how they perform on different platforms, and what creatives are generating the most engagement.

Less Time Struggling with Data Collection, More Time Growing

Reports are one less thing you have to worry about at the end of the month. Quickly and easily customize your reports to match your goals, objectives and KPIs, and understand your progress better.  Share tangible results with your team or clients.

Track KPIs

Keep decision-makers on board with your marketing strategy with KPIs and objective progress reports.

Automated Reports

Collect, analyse and present your analytics data with your team or clients in one click. No need to waste time collecting info from independent sources.

Customizable Templates

Share the metrics that matter most to your team in a clear and professional design that reflects your brand.